Any information necessary for completing the payment via your chosen payment channel is displayed on screen and - if needed - sent in an email when you place an order.  


We accept payments for the orders via following channels.  


1. Online payment via

PayPal enables you - among others - to pay with your credit card.

We do not process your credit card information in such scenario (PayPal does).


2. Regular bank transfer (wire transfer) to our bank account, which you can also send via platform.

Information for completing the transfer:

Name: Fundacja DEOmeo

Country: Poland

City: Malawa

Address: Malawa 980A

Postal code: 36-007

IBAN (Account number): PL70114020040000370276685925

Please add "order {order_id}" to the payment title.

If you have chosen this method of payment, you are obliged to complete the payment within 10 days from placing the order. Otherwise your order will be cancelled. 


3. Online payment via (a Polish online payments provider) 


Oprogramowanie sklepu internetowego